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v22190.62018-04-30 at 13:39grimyuFull Bokko YouchienAdded English version screenshots
v22190.52018-01-13 at 19:30seniorblitzFull Bokko YouchienAdded relation. (Ayano is from Mix Ore)
v22190.42017-11-30 at 17:34hetalianFull Bokko YouchienRemoved alias (it's only present in the game link on the Charon website)
v22190.32017-11-27 at 19:08hetalianFull Bokko YouchienFixed spelling
v22190.22017-11-27 at 16:37armonyFull Bokko Youchienlength, screenshots
v22190.12017-11-27 at 12:53hetalianFull Bokko YouchienAdded visual novel