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t6458.1022018-10-26Changing Username?Please change my username to "Akisigure", thanks in advance. I didn't find appropriate topic, but there votes on games before release: link link link
t3794.42013-03-01Wonderland VNs?This v10957?
t2154.32011-10-29S;G Endingslink
t2093.22011-10-03Visual Novel for my japanese needs-
t1963.22011-07-30Walkthroughlink link
t70.1262011-07-21The "What VN is this image from" thread@125 v3319
t1465.32011-06-11Visual Novels where you can name the hero?/g203
t1449.52011-06-06Kud wafter start up problemsTry this.
t731.202011-05-31This VN is pretty goodwhat is this "20 kanji" you speak of?Learn these: 穢厳懲擦擬燥博爵與犠療縮繊燭癒繭翻麟啜籠 After that you will have no problems with the Japanese language.
t1362.342011-05-26I already looking forward to the whole thing!1280x720. This can be seen in the game's release info.
t1150.122011-05-24Looking for a Visual NovelA torii? Maybe Tsukisome no Kasa?
t1150.102011-05-24Looking for a Visual Novel@pendelhaven Perhaps it's Touka Gettan or Kao no Nai Tsuki? Both of them have some similar features, that you have listed.
t1384.62011-05-06Favorite Route?Sunohara. Tomoyo, Kotomi and Yukine were good too.
t1375.22011-05-02Walkthrough1, 2, 3...
t1359.52011-04-27English Translation ?Daiteikoku took 4 years to develop, and used up 3 games' worth of resources Daiteikoku's script has over 1,700,000 characters, the longest Alicesoft
t1279.22011-04-01Is there a need to read the prequel?I heard that it is better to read Myth first, don't know why though.
t1301.22011-04-01Was it lie or was it magic?Extracted the text and looked at translation. The first scene on the roof is more or less normal, the rest is machine translation. Or so it seems to
t1173.112011-01-31Getting an anime !-
t1173.72011-01-31Getting an anime !=
t1171.22011-01-30Comments on Gokudou no HanayomeI have read the trial and facepalmed at it. Though I'm not interested in the game but does it have netori elements? There is a "Protagonist's Sister
t1165.42011-01-27Ore no Imouto Portable-
t1157.172011-01-24Quartett! -General Discussion-Does anyone know where to get walkthrough for this?Here. @usagi YouTube. Though I haven't played the game yet but maybe you should use this patch
t1155.22011-01-22corrupt fileHere. Lucky, that not the data02900.arc file got corrupted ;).
t1152.32011-01-21What screen resolution?@eijikikumaru222 Yes, you can change resolution from 800x600 to 1280x720.
t70.942011-01-19The "What VN is this image from" thread@saberger That is Tapestry. Hajime and Mina, if I recall correctly.
t1146.72011-01-19Has anyone play this and liked it?Here is a review by Accany of this game. LosS gave it a 6, so I'm not that convinced the game is actually goodWell, he gave Clannad a 5 ;).
t1148.32011-01-19review@izmosmolnar In which order should I play the Eve series (including Adam)? Was going to start from Zero but now have some doubts.
t455.412010-12-27Top 10 Visual NovelsCross Channel Saihate no Ima Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu
t547.82010-04-05Isn't it pure trpg?Are you kidding? Then, what about the Castle Fantasia by e-go? Give Farland back! ;)