Note on official romanisation vs. database rules

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#1 by harleyquin
2018-05-12 at 05:40
Starting this now before link triggers an edit war with the trigger-happy "editor".

Rules for character names uses the modified ruleset linked elsewhere. Assuming I've interpreted it correctly, database rules > official website romanisation when the two are inconsistent with each other. When I see cases like these (which are rare), I usually add the "official Romanisation" in the character alias along with a note where it came from. The database rules aren't clear on this, so if I'm wrong or it doesn't apply I request the administrators clear things up to address similar problems in the future.Last modified on 2018-05-12 at 05:46
#2 by beliar
2018-05-12 at 13:09
You are completely right. Database rules trump official romanisation by the developer or the publisher any time. The thewayfarer's edit needed to be corrected.Last modified on 2018-05-12 at 13:10
#3 by harleyquin
2018-05-12 at 14:19
Would it too much to ask the administrators to add a note in the rules for character entries? If there's a note explicitly asking users to respect database rules over differing official Romanisation, then the frequency of similar edits will decrease henceforth (assuming new users actually read the rules before posting).
#4 by fuukanou
2018-05-12 at 18:52
Could someone direct me to the list of database romanisation rules? I don't think I've ever seen them in one place.
-edit- never mind found themLast modified on 2018-05-12 at 18:54
#5 by thewayfarer
2018-05-12 at 21:20
Just checked my notifications then saw the PM and read how harleyquin is still "triggered" over everything I do. (As usual...)

I've carefully read the rules for romanization and character entries, but I can't confirm (too) whether "official romanization" should be used. In turn, it creates an incomplete guideline which can result in doubts and the community may establish different biases how and what "romanization" to use. Though in this case between official and rules, however, I strongly believe official romanization should be used whenever made available by the game developers. Because, and if I interpreted the FAQ correctly, "if they arent in roman script already".

So the only thing I'm agreeing here is that the romanization rules need to be explained whether "known official romanization" should be used over regular romanization. Therefore, it wouldn't cause any future doubts of users questioning other user's choice and enforcing their own bias.Last modified on 2018-05-13 at 00:52
#6 by beliar
2018-05-12 at 23:15
I thought that "Check out the general editing guidelines for information on name order and romanization." is clear enough, but I suppose even more clarification is needed....

EDIT: Edited the guidelines d12. The wording might be a little clunky, but I'm tired and going to sleep now...Last modified on 2018-05-12 at 23:24
#7 by thewayfarer
2018-05-13 at 00:55
So if the "romanization" provided by the creators seems to conflict with standard romanization, then standard romanization must apply. However, if the character's name already provides a latin spelling of their name, then that spelling should be used in that case.

Wouldn't it be confusing for users if they can't tell which is latin language or roman? Because, comparing latin alphabet and romaji, they would mean the same thing. I can tell which is real or roman, but it's pretty much a comparison conflict.
#8 by harleyquin
2018-05-13 at 03:24
Ethnic Japanese characters use the database rules, non-Japanese characters use whatever name was given to them by the creators. No confusion whatsoever. Except for those who don't read the rules as they are now and jump to conclusions.Last modified on 2018-05-13 at 03:38
#9 by beliar
2018-05-13 at 08:34
Two different instances:
1. A Japanese company creates a VN with Japanese characters.
a) the company provides official romanisation on their website that conflicts with the database guidelines - you are supposed to fall back to database guidelines when entering the character name
b) a publisher (MG, JAST, etc.) uses a non-standard romanisation for a Japanese character in a VN - fall back to the database guidelines again
2. A Western creator developed a VN with Japanese characters. In this case the character names are already in latin alphabet and no romanization is happening, thus the names should be provided as is, even if they are using a non-standard typography. Case in point: Naomi Satō.
#10 by thewayfarer
2018-05-13 at 09:05
Right then... But I am *aware* I'm supposed to keep in mind of the original name. Japanese typography case speaking.

Just as long this romanization rule fix will prevent another infight, at least it gives me less stress to deal with.Last modified on 2018-05-13 at 09:05


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