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r60185.102018-10-30 at 08:25trickzzterCorpse Party: Book of ShadowsThere is, I tested it myself.
r60185.92018-10-30 at 08:02eacilCorpse Party: Book of ShadowsReverted to revision r60185.7 there is no Japanese text according to steam
r60185.82018-10-30 at 07:27trickzzterCorpse Party: Book of Shadows+ Japanese
r60185.72018-10-30 at 00:57jansonsethCorpse Party: Book of ShadowsMade a mistake and put 720p
r60185.62018-10-29 at 20:02jansonsethCorpse Party: Book of Shadows1280x720
r60185.52018-10-29 at 15:33trickzzterCorpse Party: Book of ShadowsSteam link
r60185.42018-10-29 at 07:10eacilCorpse Party: Book of Shadowsofficial website
r60185.32018-10-16 at 16:48trickzzterCorpse Party: Book of ShadowsWebsite
r60185.22018-10-16 at 05:53trickzzterCorpse Party: Book of ShadowsNo original title, removed unnecessary note
r60185.12018-10-16 at 03:41jansonsethCorpse Party: Book of ShadowsAdded Official English Release