Trait: No Name

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This character is never referred by his/her name. Titles such as 'sensei' or 'onii-chan' are used by the characters when they are talking to or about this character. When required, the game displays this character's name as 'Protagonist', 'Player', 'Student A' or something similar.

This should not be mixed with the Nameable trait, since this character's name cannot be changed.



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The list below also includes all characters linked to child traits. This list is cached, it can take up to 24 hours after a character has been edited for it to show up on this page.

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 Blade MonitorMakai Shin Trillion
 Boat CaptainFI: Interview
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 BooiGyakuten Saiban, Gyakuten Kenji, Turnabout Pairs
 Borges' FatherHeirs and Graces
 BossFI: Interview
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 BoyBoku no Udon Hajimemashita
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 Butler AUchi no Imouto no Baai Pure...
 Cafe MotherLamune 2
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 Cat MaidMakai Shin Trillion
 Chiho's FatherPrincess Evangile W Happiness
 Chiho's MotherPrincess Evangile W Happiness
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 Decay ManShiniyuku Kimi, Yakata ni M...
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 DoctorMakai Shin Trillion
 Dogeza no MasterKakyuusei
 Drama Club PresidentBRAVA!!