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p8071.22018-11-11 at 15:23sempersapiensSad Ghost StudiosUpdating the information for this group. They were previously listed as DemiDatoDev, but that's just their twitter handle and not the name they now
p8569.22018-11-11 at 13:57gregoryAkabakaLink
p8568.32018-11-11 at 09:38trickzzterDi Yi DianxinAdding "DimSumOneStudio" for searching purposes. Used on Steam link
p3281.32018-11-10 at 20:23beliarLupiesoftthe previous site is gone. now it redirects here
p8568.22018-11-10 at 17:52qpoDi Yi Dianxinfix
p7845.32018-11-10 at 15:18marantanaInnocenceThey are Brasilian (see in-game credits)
p8508.22018-11-10 at 11:28shinnewInuchayaArchived site.
p3783.32018-11-08 at 10:49nekonekogirlKyoukutou Bladewen
p8531.22018-11-08 at 05:45trickzzterWonder GamesWebsite, Russian. Their website is registered in Russia, so I assume it's a Russian group. link
p8078.22018-11-07 at 17:08beliarGood Life Translationsremoved redundancies
p8563.22018-11-07 at 12:32nekonekogirlHolic Works Disc Bluestaff
p7718.22018-11-06 at 10:39printerdesuAkagiridaned
p1263.32018-11-06 at 01:46jazz957Pandora Boxlink "Much of the development staff left the company around 1999; one group led by Hirohiko Yoshida (吉田博彦) established Acid,"
p1302.22018-11-04 at 18:13shinnewFortyfiveArchived site.
p8469.22018-11-04 at 12:54shinnewC.I.L. CaféSite.
p8132.172018-11-01 at 20:36sawyer2dsMIÐGARÐ...
p8132.162018-11-01 at 20:35sawyer2dsMIÐGARÐ...
p8180.32018-10-31 at 21:41terios121Circle "Tsuki no Wakka"Web archive.
p3747.42018-10-30 at 13:11gregoryBlackMonkey-ProArchived website and info
p6402.22018-10-30 at 07:03trickzzterHenteko DoujinNew name (corrected) link
p5171.22018-10-29 at 11:05minahCircle colormerge wtih p1686
p1686.22018-10-29 at 11:04minahNYANKO Dokusou Kyousoukyokualias from p5171
p136.282018-10-28 at 19:14kominarachromerAmuse Craftredundant
p873.52018-10-28 at 15:17altoSukaradogUpdate parent brand, presume this is better than a new producer entry
p873.42018-10-28 at 15:15altoSukaradogSite
p5722.32018-10-28 at 05:08jazz957Oo Partslink "Started by former Pandora Box staff,"
p2935.52018-10-28 at 05:07jazz957Trushthere are several staff on rit's games credited on trush/fix games
p7033.52018-10-27 at 22:06eacilSol Presswebsite fixed (the www brings a certificate error on FF)
p1780.52018-10-26 at url
p5811.22018-10-25 at 18:23altoRe-Pro!Update website
p27.162018-10-23 at 20:12kominarachromerminorigrammar fix
p27.152018-10-23 at 20:12lomachellominoriEdit info.
p27.142018-10-23 at 19:38kominarachromerminoriShinkai stopped doing opening videos for minori over a decade ago
p4446.22018-10-22 at 11:48gregorynezkov--souThey renamed their self
p7200.42018-10-22 at 02:59syonStudio CoattailsStudio name has been changed.
p27.132018-10-21 at 22:40lomachellominoriEdit info.
p6451.22018-10-21 at 11:52wakaranaiSupple Entertainmentromanization from official site link
p8517.22018-10-21 at 04:47707Marshmallow Soft..
p8525.22018-10-19 at 23:49eacilCenticerise Productionsoups
p8522.22018-10-19 at 15:26pdzlWen YangType.
p8387.32018-10-17 at 18:58zeroiswaifuChinatsu CafeSorry, The developer has changed its name and the description has changed.
p8514.22018-10-17 at 14:08namingmegentlyLovebird Game Studiosadded description
p7624.32018-10-16 at 12:59shining17Genetic StudioGrammar
p8510.22018-10-16 at 06:11trickzzterDream WorksRelation
p6286.82018-10-16 at 06:06trickzzterSakuraGamesplitting entries
p6286.62018-10-16 at 06:03trickzzterSakuraGameThey still use SakuraGame name for new releases. link
p8132.152018-10-14 at 21:04sawyer2dsMIÐGARÐ...
p5834.32018-10-14 at 18:26d2oDekiru Translationslink
p1169.32018-10-14 at 18:17shining17American BishoujoGrammar
p7394.22018-10-14 at 13:08beliarPsychoDelusionallinks