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v22987.72018-12-13 at 10:28savagetigerBilshana Senki ~Genpeiden~still no official site...
r60988.12018-12-13 at 10:17gregoryMy 1/6 LoverInfo
p8644.12018-12-13 at 10:16gregorylamb of gameProducer
v24868.12018-12-13 at 10:14gregoryMy 1/6 LoverVN
v438.102018-12-13 at 09:37nekonekogirlNatsumerostaff from jp wiki
v1715.742018-12-13 at 09:05nekonekogirlHakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~staff
s17678.32018-12-13 at 09:05nekonekogirlSaitou Ryuugostaff
v38.322018-12-13 at 09:03nekonekogirlSymphonic Rainstaff
s17678.22018-12-13 at 09:02nekonekogirlMiyashita Michiofix
s17678.12018-12-13 at 09:02nekonekogirlOkazaki Ritsukostaff
r60987.12018-12-13 at 09:00nekonekogirlSymphonic Rainreleased for switch (link)
r56274.52018-12-13 at 06:07gregoryKindred Spirits on the Roof ~Full Chorus~ DLCJust announced
r56275.82018-12-13 at 06:05gregoryKindred Spirits on the Roof ~Full Chorus~Just announced!
s3475.22018-12-13 at 05:38rudeHadukilink Special Guest: 葉月(Haduki) is how the official site of Angel Note translated her name.
r60986.12018-12-13 at 04:04darkness-weaverKami-sama no Game -Kankinsareta 6nin no Danjo- DVDPGadded release link
r60143.42018-12-13 at 03:54black99Aderezo Dulce del AmorNot released. Neither news about the translation status.
v18796.142018-12-13 at 03:26darkness-weaverKami-sama no Game -Kankinsareta 6nin no Danjo-cv link
v22042.102018-12-13 at 03:24eacilGrand Guignol no Yoruscreens removed > you must upload screens at the game's resolution =1280x720, I guess you made the mistake of taking screenshots while in fullscreen
v8456.172018-12-13 at 03:16eacilSei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikkistaff linked according to ingame credits
s6463.22018-12-13 at 03:15eacilKokutoushikialias according to EGS
s17677.12018-12-13 at 03:11eacilFuefuki Nekostaff entry
r60337.42018-12-13 at 03:07gundamaceDei Gratia no RashinbanRating announced.
r60337.32018-12-13 at 02:56gundamaceDei Gratia no RashinbanRelease date announced.
v17613.82018-12-13 at 02:43wakaranaiHame-dori Jikkyou Chuukei! Kyoudai Hatsu Ecchi 12-jikanVA
r57145.32018-12-13 at 02:14helominemizClub Doki Dokidead link :(
v23098.32018-12-13 at 02:13helominemizClub Doki Dokidead link :(
v24084.122018-12-13 at 00:39krykryOre no Ue de Agaku Rokunin no Togimeofficial cover?
r51354.52018-12-12 at 23:47beliarArcade SpiritsEarly Access doesn't seem to be available anymore. Release date has been announced.
v17655.232018-12-12 at 23:17balabubaMemory's DogmaDon't edit this anymore, please. Even if it took you over 10h it's not that long, data doesn't lie, this time I'll provide hltb as well as steamspy
v19922.82018-12-12 at 21:45wakaranaiAneTra! ~Onee-chan to H na Training~staff
s4128.22018-12-12 at 21:44wakaranaiNanami Yuuriadded alias (link)
s17676.22018-12-12 at 21:37terios121Koyama HaruSpacing.
v22252.82018-12-12 at 21:37gvbnIe no Kagiadd
s17676.12018-12-12 at 21:36gvbnKoyama Haruadd
v22252.72018-12-12 at 21:33gvbnIe no Kagiadd seiyuu
s17675.22018-12-12 at 21:31gvbnEndou Mameinfo
s17675.12018-12-12 at 21:29gvbnEndou Mameadd
r60817.42018-12-12 at 20:45terios121Kudan no Folkloreplat.
r48050.22018-12-12 at 19:57vempeleShukufuku no Kane no Ne wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni - Download EditionRomanization.
r21506.82018-12-12 at 19:57vempeleShukufuku no Kane no Ne wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo niRomanization.
r23276.52018-12-12 at 19:57vempeleShukufuku no Kane no Ne wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni - Trial EditionRomanization.
v10617.202018-12-12 at 19:55vempeleShukufuku no Kane no Ne wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo niRomanization. See the game's Wikipedia page or any dictionary entry on 鐘の音 for confirmation that it's pronounced かねのね.
r30639.92018-12-12 at 19:54namingmegentlyYoshiwara Higanbanaresolution correction and voice added The listed resolution on the official website translates to '800x600 pixels or more' aka the minimum
r51721.32018-12-12 at 19:25molesterNebesnyj Pravitel' Kreposti - Demoedit
r60036.32018-12-12 at 17:56eacilDare mo Shiranai Sora e no Namidait's partial (本アプリには「誰も知らない天体への涙」の本編第1巻が収録されています。) even if it will be updated later with ingame purchases, doujin, note
v13340.52018-12-12 at 17:52wakaranaiKunoichi Inpou de Gokuraku Shouten♪ ~Tokihanatareta Eroero Ninjutsu!?~additional credits
r60037.42018-12-12 at 17:52eacilDare mo Shiranai Sora e no Namidapubl fixed (I see Alliance written on the google play store, also on appbrain/appannie and the website of the app is hosted by alliance itself, also
p8643.12018-12-12 at 17:47eacilAlliance
r55704.82018-12-12 at 17:33beliarWaifu Academy v0.5.8aupdate
r54729.102018-12-12 at 17:27beliarForgotten Paradise v0.10update